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GPC is partnering with Maine IF & W to offer Hunter and Boater Safety Certifications

The Greenland Point Center Conservation Camp (GPCC) is planning another great summer of operation. We have graduated hundreds of Maine girls and boys with certification in Hunter and Boating Safety, as well as a sound foundation in the conservation practices used in the Maine woods. Due to increased interest by young people, we are planning to register close to 300 campers a season during the three, one-week programs.

For those of you who are new to GPCC, it is a one week program for young people 10 to 15 years of age. Campers may be sponsored by an Outdoor Organization, Conservation Club, or pay the modest feee themselves. Campers learn about the Maine woods and how to safely participate in the outdoor opportunities the program provides.

In a few short years we will be turning stewardship of the Maine woods over to the next generation. They will be confronted with more use demands and have to make more decisions concerning Maine's great outdoors than our generation did. It is most important that our young people be equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle this responsibility. The Greenland Point Center Conservation Camp lays down the foundation which they may build upon. The conservation of Maine's natural resources and traditions will soon be in the hands of the younger generation.

What Our Program Offers

The program is designed to help middle grade students to safely enjoy themselves while venturing into the Maine woods. Included in the program are the following activities:

All activities are led by GPC staff, certified as Hunter Safety Instructors, ARC First Responder, ARC Lifeguards, and IF&W Rifle Range Safety Officers. The following organizations provide guest lecturers to enrich the conservation program curriculum:

Our 1 Week programs begin on Sunday with a 4pm registration and end at 11am the following Friday.

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