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In 1984 the first Outdoor School programs were offered to elementary and high school students. Teachers brought their whole class for one to three day sessions. Participating schools since that time have included: Princeton Elementary School, Woodland Elementary School, Lake Region Head Start, Peter Dana Point, Woodland High School, Rose M. Gaffney School, Calais Elementary School, Machias High School, Jonesboro Elementary School, Milbridge Elementary School, Eastport Elementary School, Pembroke Elementary School, and Wesley Elementary School. The number of youth who participated in the outdoor education programs at Greenland Point numbered well over 4,000.

The Outdoor School program provides an opportunity for students, teachers, parents, and college students to participate in unique environmental education experiences in the outdoors that regular classrooms could not provide. The courses offered allow teachers to incorporate The Learning Results into the program.



The curriculum for your Outdoor School may include:

And is combined with all types of outdoor recreation.

Outdoor Schools run from mid May to mid June and from September through October. See the Upcoming Events page.

We would be happy to discuss with you any other programs that you might prefer.

We do request that you advise us of your estimated time of arrival and required time of departure so that we may work out a schedule to fit your needs.

The cost for a one day outdoor adventure starts > at $300.00, including use of the facility, equipment and two staff for up to > 20 children. > For every 10 children, add $50.00 for additional counselors. > For example, 21-30 children would be $350.00 > 31-40 would be $400.00 > 41-50 would be $450.00 > 51-60 would be $500.00 (This would be maximum due) Overnights are $20.00/PERSON. > I would be happy to discuss this and any other plans for your visit by > email, phone or by visiting with your teachers, parents, etc at your school.

Meals are extra. Meals are $15 - $30 a day, depending on menu requested

Special diets can be accomodated

Please contact us with any questions or concerns and thank you for your interest in Greenland Point Outdoor Adventures.


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